MANOWAR - The Triumph Of Steel (2022)



A1 Achilles, Agony And Ectstasy In Eight Parts Prelude 28:37
– Prelude
A I Hector Storms The Wall
A II The Death Of Patroclus
A III Funeral March
A IV Amor Of The Gods
B V Hector´s Final Hour
B V! Death Hector´s Reward
B VII The Desecration Of Hector´s Body, Part 1, Part 2
B VIII The Glory Of Achilles
C1 Metal Warriors 3:59
C2 Ride The Dragon 4:30
C3 Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee 6:00
C4 Burning 5:09
D1 The Power Of The Sword 7:49
D2 The Demon´s Whip 7:44
D3 Master Of The Wind 5:27

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